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For the millions of rock hounds who have searched the earth for natures treasures, gems in the rough. After many years of collecting rocks and minerals it will only be natural for the collector to have a desire to cut his or her own stones into faceted gems. The art of faceting has been around for thousands of years. Thanks to new methods and more modern faceting machines, the learning process is made easier.

My intent is to teach the beginner how to facet gemstones by providing one on one step-by-step instructions.

    First Class:

      1. An introduction to the faceting machine and how it function.
      2. How to choose your faceting rough.
      3. How to dop your first stone.

    Second Class:

      1. Introduction to meet point faceting.
      2. You will learn how to facet the pavilion (bottom of the stone)
      on your first stone, and a standard round brilliant.

    Third Class:

      1. You will learn how to polish your stone, and also how to transfer the stone to facet the crown (top of the stone).

    Fourth Class:

      1. You will learn to facet and polish the crown. These classes are intended for individuals who have a sincere interest in learning the art of faceting gemstones. Please e-mail me at to set up classes.(please remove the No-Spam from email address).