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It all started back in 1965 when he became interested in rocks and minerals while studying Earth Science in high school. His fascination for these rocks and minerals continued over the years. Back in 1988, Bill met Paul Beaudette of Springvale, Maine. It was Paul that introduced him to the world of faceting, and Bill found a passion.
Bill soon went out and purchased a Facetron faceting machine and started cutting gemstones. He was  self taught, and simply learned by trial and error. After about five years of faceting, he found his ability to facet quality gemstones was fairly apparent, so he decided to starting cutting gemstones for other mineral collectors.
Bill has continued to hone his craft over the years, and trying new things with his faceting machine.
The quality and sheer brilliance of his gemstones are absolutely stunning. While some cutters tend to cut the stones to maximize carat weight, Bill cuts for brilliance, and it shows in the final product. He is able to unlock the beauty in these natural gems that is breathtaking.
Back in 2003, Bill decided to start teaching his craft to anyone that was interested in learning. I was fortunate enough to be one of his students a couple of years ago. It was great learning experience, and I was glad that I registered for his class. Early on in the first visit, I was hooked. I saw a case of some of his finished gemstones, and I knew I wanted to try my hand at faceting.
In addition to faceting and teaching, Bill also has found a way to spend some of his spare time working at a local mine here in NH. Some of the finished gemstone designs were mined by Bill from these local mines.